“There Is a Miracle on the Other Side of Your Storm”!

There are several who may be aware, that this is the busiest time of the school year for me. We are currently in the midst of the new student recruitment season. My responsibilities serving as Verbum Dei High School’s Dean of Admissions, requires my exclusive attention and some very long work days. I enjoy the work! Until recently, I never imagined myself in another position. However I see myself working here in the same capacity as that of a weather newscaster and think of the Verbum Dei experience as having the same characteristics as those that could be described in a perfect storm. A few weeks ago while attending church I focused deeply on the Pastoral presentation extended to the congregation, “There Is a Miracle on the Other Side of Your Storm”! As the minister offered the message I began to reflect on the Verbum Dei experience from a multidimensional perspective. The work for which I am accountable, my vocation, the other duties expected of me as a student advocate, mentor and one of those on campus who offers the “encouragement” our boys require. By continuously holding myself accountable to these responsibilities I experienced extreme mental and physical exhaustion. Although, there are those of you who are reading this composition and sincerely appreciate the expression, I want to be clear, my goal is simple. I am using this Leadership Blog contribution to take the necessary time to self-medicate, to encourage myself and extend encouragement to you for the effort that you all produce.

Faithfully, we have genuinely served as agents of change. We each have placed both hands to the plow. Accurately, we have produced an exceptional effort to change the status quo of this community for our students and their families. We certainly have gained the knowledge that many of our boys would not have had these opportunities without the agreement that is stimulated on our campus. In consideration of the manner in which all of our boys can claim educational triumph, there is no reason for regret. Yes, it is exhausting work. The pressure we feel may be similar to, or can be compared to the characteristics of a storm, but with all of our collective effort we will continue to succeed. Whether the weather is clear or stormy we all can lay claim to victory. Please do not allow the storms you experience overcast your greatness. Our boys are watching and need positive examples from which they can learn. Weathering storms are normal in the occurrence of our lives. It is our responsibility that our boys grasp this understanding so as they encounter the challenges life offers they each have a skill set which includes an umbrella, raincoat and boots to move beyond the storms. Our collective goal is to assist our boys with an ability to reflect on the effort required to get to higher ground. Let me remind you “There Is a Miracle on the Other Side of Your Storm”!


Lorenz B. Willis, M.S.

Dean, Admissions, Outreach and Recruitment

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