I recently attended the Archdiocesan Catholic Prayer Breakfast at the Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral.  Lou Holtz, former head coach of Notre Dame’s 1988 national championship football team relayed the following story:

As Lou drove up to his home, he remarked to his wife of over 50 years, “Did you ever imagine we would live in such a beautiful house.”  She responded humbly, “Well…it isn’t our house…it is God’s house.”  Fast forward to August of 2015, when the Holtz family home was struck by lightning and burned to the ground.  Coach Holtz turned to his wife and said, “You think God would take better care of his house!”

Like the Holtz family, Verbum Dei High School is God’s house, and we are just temporary stewards.  Figuratively speaking, sometimes lightning strikes here as well.  Even though this 50 year old institution undergoes continuous upgrades and renovations to provide a safe and comfortable environment conducive to learning and achievement, there are challenges presented to us almost on a daily basis.  Roofs leak after getting sunbaked in the Los Angeles summer heat.  Our fleet of 12 vans require regular maintenance to safely transport Verbum Dei gentlemen to their CWSP worksites, field trips, Christian Service and athletic contests. On occasion, we have to rescue students whose van’s transmission has failed or the battery has died.  Sometimes, we battle fire alarms that mysteriously go off for no apparent reason or discover that a power outage has disabled the air conditioning that keeps the school’s information technology infrastructure from collapsing.

These challenges, daunting as they sometime seem, are an opportunity to serve the gentlemen of Verb and its tremendously gifted faculty and staff.  We are truly grateful to all who work and volunteer to make Verbum Dei High School…God’s House…a home for our community.

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