Great Place. Great Program. Great People.

Great place. Great program. Great people.

Our Verbum Dei gentlemen are starting their 4th week of internships with the Corporate Work Study Program. Can you believe that! I’m still processing that summer is almost over and the school year is in full swing.

And so, we have managed to seamlessly pull off the start of another academic year. By we, I mean Mashanda, Lizette, Jeff, Joe, Caisen and myself! And, it’s not because we’re pros at what we do, it’s because we have a phenomenal team tirelessly pouring our hearts out to ensure the multi-layered details of our program fall perfectly into place. You’d think doing so gets easier the more we do it, but the start of a new academic year brings about multiple challenges… will our partners show up to our annual job fair, too many freshmen, not enough seniors, will we have sufficient job placements, how many students can we put in a van, and the list goes on and on. Each team member tackles different aspects of this logistical monster and they do it with care, poise and confidence.

The ins-and-outs of the Corporate Work Study Program would be more challenging to undertake were it not for the A-list qualities we possess as a team – organizational expertise, student-centered decision making processes, individual personalities, passion-filled hearts, goal-oriented mentalities, go-getter attitudes, flexible temperaments, and a willingness to strive for departmental success. Sound like I’m bragging? I am. I definitely am. Verbum Dei is a great place with great people.

While we have an entire school year ahead of us, I am certain that it will be a productive one. We can finally sit back, breath and reflect on our undertakings.  No major mishaps or set-backs during the first weeks…well maybe one or two, but manageable and they actually made us chuckle!  We did great team! I am proud of you.

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