Why Verb?

I have been a member of the Verbum Dei community for eight years, and in that time, I have come to understand how significant this work is.  Verbum Dei is preparing students to create the best life possible for themselves.  The task is arduous, as it is unreasonable to assume that we can tell our community members what is best for their lives, and they just accept it, as if receiving a holiday present or a phone call from an old friend.  In reality, families desire to understand how we plan to assist students in seeking and pursuing opportunities that will allow them to create a successful future, most specifically college graduation.  After all, there are many educational options, and some are tuition free.   We are asking these families to make financial sacrifices in extremely tight situations.

I would argue that this is the difference at Verbum Dei…

The characteristics of our school are quite unique and the student body is comprised of students with varying levels of skill and ability.  One of the most common threads possessed by our students that most of them come from households that have been economically underserved.  More importantly, however, is the combined desire for intellectual acumen and postsecondary success.  When students become seniors, upon reading their college essays, I have come to understand the struggle that they have had to overcome growing up.  These challenges have given them the type of character that is not often seen in people so young, yet, they do not use their circumstances as a crutch.  In fact, that they often fail to realize that their experiences are extraordinary and they must be reminded of what they have overcome, especially during the college application process.

In my opinion, it is the collection of these varying experiences that has created a sense of community that is not often seen in schools.  As students attending a Jesuit school, the young men embrace social justice principles, while collectively working to become proficient at corporate decorum through the Corporate Work Study Program and academically adept by way of a college preparatory education.

For these reasons, we are the best choice for students from underserved communities seeking an amazing opportunity and a worthy vehicle to carry our students to their future aspirations.

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