On my wall in my office is a prominent poster outlining Verbum Dei’s Grad-at-Grad principles.  Whenever I quickly glance up at them (every day, seemingly), I am reminded of several obvious applications which immediately seek impact with our students through the use of technology.    Certainly, I can clearly connect the benefits of technology to its enormous role in one being Work-Experienced, as well as being Intellectually Motivated.   Those are obvious.  Yet conversely, when I ponder the other values – Open to Growth, Spiritual and Loving – it seems to be more of a challenge and difficult to directly connect their attributes to technology.  That may be the case, but at Verbum Dei, we seek to mold well-rounded gentlemen ready to take on – with confidence – every hurdle tomorrow’s world will throw at them.  The value of each principle is equal and ever-lasting.  There is however one last Grad-at-Grad value that – although at first glance seems afar from our technology goals at school – actually delivers the strongest cue to what I ultimately seek to achieve for our boys at Verbum Dei.   That is, I am – as Tech Director for the school – Committed to Doing Justice for our guys.  Let me explain.

The impact of a Verbum Dei education – and the school’s ability to set afoot tomorrow’s leaders – is ultimately what our work here is judged by.  Every aspect of the school’s operations is ultimately measured by the success of our graduates and the influence they’ll make in society.  To me, the real grit of Verbum Dei’s mission is less about rescuing or accommodating lives and families in need, and more about fairness, equal footing and preparation for an ever-increasingly competitive job market.  I’m not interested in salvation so much – I’m more concerned in getting our young men ready to compete.   That’s what drives me.   In my zeal to ensure our guys will have “the skills to pay the bills,” I need to be confident in my mind we’re delivering every opportunity for them to interact and master the latest forms of technology in the classroom.  That is the Justice I’m Committed to; I feel mandated to having helped create an atmosphere of learning where – through the use of technology – we are equipping our students with the finely-honed study and research skills they’ll need down the road.  I want – and expect – our graduates to go toe-to-toe with any other student – from all communities and all social boundaries – to compete in the college classroom.  And in turn, I want – and expect – for those same young men to compete in tomorrow’s job market as well.

My mission is clear, and the constant reminder is there –every day – on my wall.   When you walk the halls of Verbum Dei on any given day, you’ll see a diverse array of technology actively integrated in each classroom.   Having an eager and intrepid group of faculty here helps this process immensely; I feel blessed to work with such gifted individuals who are willing to experiment and deploy new methods of learning.  But they can’t do it alone.  Information Technology is – at its core – a service department.  My department is here to assist our faculty and help them enhance their teaching environment.  Together, we will distinguish Verbum Dei as a superior institution which confidently builds tomorrow’s leaders.  I take my role in that process seriously – there are no choices here.   I am Committed to Doing Justice for these young men.

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