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Often, many people, usually supporters, ask us for materials they can use to help spread the word about the good works we do at the Verb.  So, we put together three links that will help you tell the story of the Verb— video links which explain our programs and mission. Please feel free to forward these links to your colleagues, friends, family and anyone who may be interested learning more.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Michelle Cordova – 323.564.6651 x5120. You can also email her at

  • Developing Men for Others 2015: Talks about the school, CWSP, and Adopt-A-Student Program—This video is best for an overview of the Verb.
    • Verbum Dei High School is a Catholic, Jesuit, college and career preparatory complemented by our corporate internship program, serving young men of Watts and the surrounding communities who are economically and academically underserved. We develop self-confident gentlemen who are intellectually motivated, spiritually rooted, contemplative, and courageous in their pursuit of a more humane and just world.
    • To learn more please click here:
  • Corporate Work Study Program: Talks strictly about CWSP—This video is best for those interested in sponsorship.
    • Verbum Dei adopted an innovative Corporate Work Study Program created to fund inner-city College and career prep education. Companies contract with the Corporate Work Study Program for full-time, entry-level, clerical jobs.
  • Adopt-A-Student Program: Talks strictly about AASP—This video is best for those interested in sponsoring a student

    • Participating in the Adopting-A-Student Program simply means being financially supportive of the funding gap between actual cost and actual funding—$4,000 to $5,750 of our students. By participating, you will get to know “your” student(s), as they will send you acknowledgement letters, photographs, class assignments, etc. You see, part of our mission is to teach our gentlemen to appreciate the support of our benefactors—we feel it will help them to remember to give back to important causes when they achieve success.
    • To learn more please click here:

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