Incipient Leaders Emerge

After being reminded about the responsibility to compose this month’s article it did not take long to reflect on the huge responsibility we now have in the Admissions Department. The goal of identifying new Student Ambassadors to succeed the Graduating Seniors, a group of very distinguished young men!  The Student Ambassador Program is an independently organized effort of the Admissions Department for Verbum Dei High School. It is an exclusive opportunity! All Student Ambassadors report directly to the Dean of Admissions, with responsibility for providing admissions intelligence and assessment to senior administrators. Admissions Intelligence-gathering is performed by the Student Ambassadors, many of whom are trained to speak to prospective students and their families. Student Ambassadors are encouraged to share their stories, testimonies about the experiences they have encountered. The VDHS Student Ambassador is also engaged in activities at the request of the Principal and President of Verbum Dei High School.

Many of this year’s Graduating Seniors were included in the initial cast of Student Ambassadors that was assembled through a process of auditions and mock presentations. Each of the Graduating Seniors has mastered this unusual obligation; through their efforts they have transcended the issues of how failing institutions and poverty have a negative effect on individuals, particularly the Black and Brown “boys in the hood.” Each Student Ambassador has learned to circumvent the negative consequences of poor decision-making and much of the testimony they share is confirmation of their success highlighting their acceptances to several of the finest Colleges and Universities in the Nation! They present themselves in a manner in which they may have never before considered. They are recognized for their courage, their ability to be open, semi-vulnerable, sharing the realistic portrayal of their lives as Urban Youth.

Uncommonly, each of these young men through deep exploration of sociopolitical themes refuses to allow themselves to become associated with the groups of young men who are commonly considered when the reports of negative statistics are presented coming from within their communities. The exceptional sense of purpose that this program requires has always assured the conviction, confidence and certitude that Verbum Dei High School is a training ground for the individual success and leadership that can change the world. These young men will complete their course of study and become Verbum Dei Gentlemen on Thursday, June 11, 2015 at 7 p.m. during the 50th Commencement Exercises assembled in Our Lady of the Angeles Cathedral located in Downtown Los Angeles.

We proudly recognize:

Nigel Beckles- Dakota State University, Zachary Byrge- College of the Holy Cross, Daniel Felix- Loyola Marymount University, William King- El Camino College, Jacob La Rue- West LA College, Anthony Little- Lincoln University, Ignacio Molina- UC Merced, Chase Moore- College of the Holy Cross, Jon Parra- Long Beach State, Clifford Peeples- Boston University, Andrew Ramirez- CSU Dominguez Hills, Micah Smith- UCLA, Emmanuel Soto- San Francisco State, Nicholas Spates- Georgetown University, Nicholas Stenson- Lincoln University

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