Time for A Short Story

   We are officially in the last quarter at Verbum Dei. As fortune would have it, I am again writing this around our Grad at Grad week. This semester comes on the heels of interim assessments. The students braved the schedule, taking two tests a day while going to the rest of their classes as the week progressed. Overall, I am impressed with the arduous nature with which students addressed this week evident from the beginning of the prior week when they asked for a study guide before the bell for class sounded. In writing class the freshmen applied their writing acumen to creative pursuits and utilized tools developed over the course of the quarter.

   The freshmen developed short stories as a project and as part of their assessments. One integral element to writing that the freshmen embraced whole-heartedly this quarter is the concept of rewriting. The students had to compose multiple drafts focusing on different aspects throughout the process. One class would focus on correcting grammar issues such as subject-verb agreement or pronoun-antecedent agreement while another would tackle the coherence of plot and establishing a tactile setting. Students used this project to flex their imaginations using highly descriptive adjectives and adverbs to paint vivid pictures of events and people unfolding on the page. Eventually, the students shared their work with in-class readings much to the delight of the class and their teacher.

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