Loving the Mission!

     The Mission Advancement Office was established in 2001. If you had asked me then if I thought we would be where we are today – I never in my wildest dreams would have dreamt it.
     I have seen some incredible changes at Verbum Dei in my 13 years here. Most recently we were able to complete a Capital Campaign project that included renovation of two of our classroom wings. This project was a very high priority as the 1962 vintage buildings have been minimally refurbished since 1962. And with our student population growth projections (from 330 to 400 students), we simply had to do it. Phase two of this project included the renovation of the athletic facilities. The upgrades included new flooring, doors, electrical and plumbing, lighting, monitor mounts with new monitors. The renovation is indescribable. You have to see this firsthand so come down and visit our fine campus; meet our outstanding faculty and staff; and, most importantly, talk with our eager college-bound young gentlemen. You’ll quickly remember why you volunteer, donate, and support Verbum Dei High School. And you’ll see there is no organization out there doing quite the incredible work we are doing in Watts. To schedule a visit, call me at 323-564-6651 Ext. 5110 or email me at sandrade@verbumdei.us. You’ll grow to respect our mission even more!
     There is never a dull day in our department. Our Mission Advancement Team consists of: Paul W. Hosch, Vice President of Mission Advancement, Stephanie Andrade, Advancement Associate, Michelle Cordova, Advancement Assistant, and our two remarkable student workers, Michael Pineda and Darius Bailey.


P.S. Don’t forget our Mardi Gras Awards Dinner and Auction on March 5, 2015 at the Biltmore Hotel beginning at 5:30PM.  Don’t miss this fun event:


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