Grad at Grad Week

     The Verb Spirit is alive and thrives. In the midst of academic pursuits, students showcased their talent and enthusiasm during Spirit Week and Grad at Grad Week. In seamless transitions, the students and faculty went from classroom engagement to speaker events and riotous gamesmanship. Though a myriad of moments have left impression during this year, this last week resonated more than most. A tangible energy courses through the student body in the classroom and in extracurricular activities, all the more impressive considering the rigorous schedules each student undertakes. One of the most memorable moments occurred when the keynote speaker, Ernie G, from the Grad at Grad week asked the students to raise their hands if it would make their parents or guardians proud beyond measure to see them go to college and find success in and beyond the school. The hands shot up without hesitation in a beautiful understanding of the individuality and solidarity in the dreams carried by the students and their families.
     In a week during which so many members of the Verb family reached out and gave extra time and presence, it is easy to see what makes this a special community. Thanks to the leadership partaken by ASB, invested parents, faculty and staff, and especially Mr. Jovel for his dedication and organization. During the week, we had small groups meet after school and discuss and express various aspects from the Verbum Dei Grad at Grad Philosophy. Students from different years met and shared in confidence their experiences in and out of the classroom in relation to the Grad at Grad pillars. Upper classmen took a nurturing leadership role that led to candid dialogues voicing concerns and personal triumphs.
     One of the more encouraging characteristics I continue to witness in the English 4A course and Writing courses I teach is the ability for the students to see different perspectives. As writers, the ability to see the world from different views, as a witness and as someone engaged with their world, opens the mind to ideas beyond those solely from experience. These young men continue to impress with their resolve and willingness to question what the world has for them and what they have for their community.

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