A Year of Change

As the year progresses the admissions department has found itself at various odds. Finding a new groove and trying to understand and carry on the message of what schools all around our community and country share. It is evident that COVID negatively impacted our students on various means, from socioemotional issues to academics. As the admissions department director, it is always important to take a holistic approach to the admissions decisions. It has been an interesting year, and a nice return to in-person learning, activities, and recruitment. We look forward to what our future eagles will bring to the campus community, and to see the everlasting impact that they will create.

On the other end, I am overwhelmed with joy when I see the seniors receive their college acceptance letters. Being able to also work with them in the college guidance department and seeing the full circle come to realization. This current senior class, was the first class I recruited when hired at Verbum Dei, and they are my “babies.” To see them grow, develop, and mature throughout these past four years has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. To develop and foster relationships with these young men, who I can call my Verbum Dei brothers, is an experience that I will be forever grateful. They have learned so much, but they have also given me various lessons. The impact they had on my development in education is one I will cherish, and one that will benefit all students for years to come.

One Big Family

It is always easy to reminisce on my time as a student at Verb. Walking down the corridors, the field, or even speaking to the students are always a reminder of my time here at Verb. I always remember the constant support and guidance from teachers, coaches, and staff. We as students bonded over homework assignments, sports, and everything else going on in our lives throughout our teenage years. We created a brotherhood that will last a lifetime no matter the distance or the different paths that our lives will take. The Verb became a second home, a place for us students to develop as young men with and for others.

Now in my third year back at home I have seen all the long hours and hard work that everyone at Verb endures. Constantly seeking to grow not just for ourselves, but also for the students. The constant theme is not, how I can make this situation better for me, but rather how can this situation be better for the students. It is this passion and love that I see on daily basis that makes me want to grow and become a better person for everyone around me. It makes me appreciate what my teachers and the staff did for my family and me.

As the admissions season continues and we as a department start getting assistance from the teachers, staff, and students I notice that we all care about one another. We all pull together to ensure that any visiting student, or family has a memorable experience of the work that we are doing here. It does not matter if it is 70 students visiting or just one, the experience is equally as impactful as the next. Everyone on campus greets the visitors with a warm smile, a quick greeting, and every single time students and parents leave the Verb knowing that we are a family. Any prospective family leaves the campus with the feeling that this is not just a place of higher learning, but also a place of community – a family. Any student or family that visits will know that who we are and what we do.