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Clubs at Verbum Dei

Associated Student Body (ASB)

The Associated Student Body Council (ASB) of Verbum Dei High School is a student directed council that provides a wide range of services and programs for Verbum Dei High School students and faculty. ASB members help plan school dances, pep rallies, homecoming, lunch time activities, fundraising activities, and leads the student congress. Club Moderator: Mrs. Rodriguez and Mrs. Shorr

National Honor Society

Membership in the National Honor Society is recognition of outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, character, leadership and service. Additionally, NHS members must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA. The NHS mission is to fully prepare students for post-secondary academic success and to work toward the improvement of the school and greater community. Club Moderator: Ms. McDonald and Mr. Jovel

Robotics Club

The Verbum Dei Robotics Team is a robotics program whose aim is to spread awareness and raise interest within our school and our community about science and technology through robotics. We work side-by-side with professionals in the engineering fields to compete in robotics competitions.

Talon Club

The Talon club members are students that have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better. Club Moderator: Dr. Odom Lucas

VDHS Film Club

The purpose of Film Club sponsored by Underground Films is to introduce Verbum Dei students to the fundamentals of filmmaking: screenwriting, producing, shooting, directing and editing. Aside from viewing groundbreaking films, going on exciting field trips and meeting important industry professionals, Verbum Dei students have the opportunity to create and screen their own student film! Club Moderators: Mr. Ken Favell and Mr. Starnes

Intrarmural Sports

Members learn the fundamental rules and aspects several sports and activities with the goal of competing. Golf and Tennis, Club Moderator: Mr. Hogan; Soccer, Club Moderator: Mr. Rosa; Ping Pong and Foosball< Club Moderator: Mr. Baez; Jiu Jitsu, Club Moderator: Ms. Bernal.

Drum Line

Drum line functions as the beat behind most Verbum Dei sporting events and pep rallies. Members learn how to play bass, tenor, quads, and snare drums at their own pace and have fun doing it. Club Moderator: Mr. Olmedo

Black and Latino Student Unions

The purpose of the Black Student Union (BSU) and Latino Student Union (LSU) is to promote activities of common interest, as well as cultural and educational benefits for every student. The unions will strive to unite and educate students about their cultural heritage, by promoting leadership and stressing academic excellence. Club Moderator: Mr. Hosch and Ms. Bowie (BSU), Ms. Bernal and Ms. Gonzalez (LSU)

Student Ambassadors

A Verbum Dei High School Student Ambassador is a resident representative of his school. The ambassador provides guidance and support to inner – city elementary and middle school students regarding their educational plans. Club Moderator: Mr. Willis

Video Game Design Club

The VDHS Video Game Design Club provides an opportunity for students to explore the many facets of Video Game Design, through working independently and in groups with various projects, utilizing aspects of Math and English to create exciting games. Throughout the year, the club also has professionals in the Video Game industry speak to students about the various approaches to attaining the degrees needed to become Video Game Designers. Club Moderator: Mr. Starnes

THE Present Dei Online Student News Source

The Present Dei Online News Source is a student-produced and edited online publication that serves Verbum Dei High School, its benefactors, and the community-at- large with timely, relevant, and spirited reporting. As the intended audience is our school community, emphasis is consistently placed on the happenings, the achievements, and the spirit of the Verb. Students serve as editor-in-chief, section editors, staff writers/reporters, photographers, and in technical support positions. Club Moderator: Mr. Stradley

German Club

Verbum Dei’s GermanClub provides students with the opportunity to learn the basics of German. Students will be educated in German language and culture. Club Moderator: Mrs. Shorr


Students involved in yearbook will have the opportunity to create, edit, and photograph for Verbum Dei’s yearbook. Positions available are editor-in-chief, senior editor, photographer, sport liaison, and member at large. Club Moderators: Mrs. Rodriguez and Mrs. Shorr


JEDIS (Jesuit Educated Disciples in Service) is the student campus ministry team who works to increase the spiritual vitality of the school. They are a select group of juniors and seniors who apply and are chosen to be faith-based leaders on campus. Club Moderator: Ms. Chambers.

Legion of Believers

Legion of Believers is our campus ministry club that is open to all students. Any students who are interested in growing in their faith or exploring their spirituality are welcome to join. Club Moderator: Mrs. Luna.

Verb in Action

Verb in Action is the social justice club on campus. Students can join at any time. Students work to bring about more awareness to injustices in our society, both locally and globally, and to take action against those injustices. Club Moderator: Mr. Bonino-Britsch


The Verbum Dei choir is a group made up of both instrumentalists and vocalists. The choir serves the school by providing music for liturgies and special events, both on and off campus. It is an invaluable aspect of the spiritual and artistic make-up of the school community. Club Moderator: Mr. Vierya


Interact is a club for students who want to join together to tackle the issues in their community that they care most about. Through Interact, students can carry out hands-on service projects, make international connections, develop leadership skills and have fun! Club Moderator: Mr. Viens

Green Club

Green club is for students who care about the environment and work to make Verbum Dei a more beautiful place to be. Club Moderator: Mrs. Myers

Guitar Club

The Guitar Club is for students who are interested in learning the fundamental of the guitar. Club Moderator: Mr. Olmedo.

Anime Club

The Anime Club is designed to discuss and promote anime and can focus on broadening an understanding of Japanese culture. Club Moderator: Ms. Wagner.

Eagle Advancement Club

The Eagle Advancement Club is a group of students that serve as Mission Advancement Student Representatives. Being a member of the team, students are offered a unique opportunity to build communication skills, network with our donors, and develop work experience. Throughout the school year, dedicated students call our constituents for the purpose of thanking donors for their donations and keeping donors up-to-date on the exciting things happening at the Verb. Club Moderator – Mission Advancement Department