Focus on Freshmen

Freshmen Bridge

Freshmen Bridge is a 15-week academic, work preparation, social skills program that seeks to help freshmen Verbum Dei students make the best possible academic and social transition to the Verb. The class, taken as Pass/No Pass, will provide students the opportunity to interface with Corporate Work Study (CWSP) coordinators, personal and guidance counselors, and the Assistant Principal. Students with limited access to technology in the home will also be provided access to the computer labs and Math support during this time.

Course Goals:

As a result of active participation in course presentations the Verbum Dei Freshmen Bridge course has the following goals:

  • To increase academic success
  • To facilitate the transition into high school
  • To decrease student disciplinary concerns
  • To develop a higher level of academic skills and abilities
  • To develop self-advocacy skills

Course Objectives (by day):

Students will be on a 4 day weekly cycle for the bridge program as follows:


Work day


Students will participate in the “Why Try” character building and life skills program. The goal of the Why Try program is to help students answer the question “Why try in life?” when they are frustrate, confused, or angry with life’s pressures and challenges.


Students will strengthen and sharpen their corporate work study skills, with the help of our CWSP coordinators. Students will work to acquire skills with professional business procedures, systems and applications. (CWSP workbook required)


Students will concentrate on computer and iPad skills and activities. Students will be using the internet/web for research, fact finding and verification. Students will also use computers for updating and completion of current computer required academic assignments.


Students will receive support, help and direction from our college guidance and personal counseling specialist on selective days. Student will began focusing on and planning their personal and academic futures. Also, students will continue the current Why Try program discussion and activities.

Physical Education 9

Specific training is provided for each student to help him reach and maintain the optimum level of physical and physiological development. The course promotes physical development, sports and health - therefore, it emphasizes academics, competition, self-control and sportsmanship.

Course Goals:

The goals are to provide opportunities for students to obtain optimal physical and emotional development. The course augments others in attempting to develop well-rounded young men who are capabale of functioning at a high level of efficiency in work, recreation and everyday activities.


This course is designed to provide information needed to make important decisions about health, wellness, and individual lifestyle. Topics related to health such as personalhealth and wellness, social and emotional health, safety, nutrition and physical activity, alcohol/tobacco/other drugs, HIV and STD’s Prevention, and sexuality education will be discussed. Emphasis will be placed on the student’s acquiring knowledge and assuming responsibility for one’s own health.

Course Goals:

  • Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of selected areas of health content by performance in written examinations, discussions, assignments and projects.
  • Identify and describe responsible health behaviors and attitudes.
  • Analyze current research by critically evaluating literature in health pertinent to course content.
  • Identify major influences on health behavior and indicate counteractive measures that can negate these influences if necessary.
  • Identify preventative health measures that can aid an individual, family, and society in maintaining their health status



At Verbum Dei, students have access to counselors who provide academic guidance, college and career planning, and personal support

The goal of the Counseling Department is to empower each talented student to examine his full potential during the high school years and to set personal and academic goals that will lead to his future success. VDHS counselors support students by implementing a school counseling program in which students are encouraged and expected to become participants in their own academic, career, personal and social growth. The counseling program consists of monthly classroom lessons for grades 9th-11th where we discuss college requirements and the application process and weekly workshops for seniors where they apply for college and financial aid with the detailed guidance and support of the counselors. Additional direct and indirect services include personal counseling, group counseling, individual student planning, crisis counseling, and referrals to community resources. The counselors are also available to support and work with parents to ensure the academic and personal success of the students.

We look forward to meeting you.

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Bell Schedules

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MMcdonaldThe faculty of Verbum Dei High School is dedicated to providing their students with a quality education. They are committed to utilizing effective instructional strategies, providing necessary supports, and maintaining the academic rigor required of a college preparatory high school. Our faculty models Ignatian Pedagogy in being “men and women for others” by going above and beyond in service to their students.

Warm regards,
Maria McDonald
Dean of Students and Academics





Graduation Requirements

Students must meet or exceed all the following requirements in order to be eligible for graduation:

  • Have no “F” on the transcript that has not been remedied.
  • Complete the specified Christian service hours required for each grade level (See Christian Service)
  • No outstanding HW Jugs
  • No outstanding fees

Verbum Dei High School meets, and in some cases exceeds, the minimum requirements for the UC/CSU system. Below is a chart showing what is required for graduation at Verbum Dei High School, based on the requirements of the Cristo Rey Network and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles:

Category & Subject Years

  • History / Social Science 3
  • English 4
  • Mathematics (Algebra 1 and higher) 4
  • Science 3
  • Language Other than English 2
  • Visual & Performing Arts 1
  • Theology* 4
  • Health/PE 1
  • CWSP* 4
  • Elective 1

*Transfer students are not required to earn Religion, Computer or CWSP credits for the years during which they did not attend a Catholic high school or Cristo Rey Network high school.

Participation in Commencement

Participation in Commencement Exercises is a privilege. A student may participate in commencement exercises with one F on their transcript, although the student is not eligible for a diploma. A student earning two or more failing grades will not be allowed to participate in commencement exercises. In addition to academic achievement, students must also demonstrate behaviors consistent with the Profile of the Graduate at Graduation. Therefore, the administration reserves the right to prohibit students from participating in any graduation activities.

Honors at Graduation

The Valedictorian, Salutatorian and other honorees are recommended by faculty and administration. Final approval is made by the Principal of Verbum Dei. The Valedictorian normally must have achieved an overall grade point average that is within the top 10% of his class. The Valedictorian also must have demonstrated outstanding achievement in incorporating the Grad at Grad in all aspects of his life. The Salutatorian is to be the graduating senior who is runner-up in the Valedictorian selection process.

Academic Honors

Academic Honors normally are conferred upon graduating seniors according to the following standards of excellence in scholastic achievement (Overall Cumulative GPA):

  • Summa Cum Laude 3.7-4.0
  • Magna Cum Laude 3.4-3.69
  • Cum Laude 3.0-3.39