Eagles varsity soccer slaughters Catherdral in CIF match-up

By Kevin Parada, Staff Writer

Verbum Dei High School has had years-long battles with Cathedral High School in the Division 1 League as well as Division 1 CIF. The fateful game this season took place in the Los Angeles Coliseum before a record-setting crowd.

In games both home and away, the rival teams battled through each of their own league games and ended in respective league championships for Verb as well as for Cathedral. The two teams finished their seasons as co-league champs and moved into the CIF brackets looking for revenge.

Every game’s stands were filled with scouts, alumni, and fans.  The home team brought its school band, the Verb brought remnants of its on-and-off-again drumline, and ESPN, as well as other sports media outlets’ representatives, surrounded the field.

Celebrities were plentiful: Lionel Messi, Cristian Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., and many more soccer luminaries were present for the final game of the CIF bracket in which both Los Angeles-area teams faced each other for their first title match-up in history.

“This game raised so much money for the school and the team,” said Verb Head Soccer Coach Racso Asor.  “Publicity has been intense, and the scouts have been looking at every starter since they got off their private jets at LAX.”

“We gave the Eagles every resource: planes, training regimens, and equipment,” said Stokely Van Camp, CEO of Gatorade. “Verb will win this game and send the Phantoms back to their graveyard.”

The Eagles were seen as the underdogs.  After all, this was the was the program’s first year making it as far.  Considering their Corporate Work Study Program employment, rigorous academics, and family demands in the balance, combined with soccer cutting practice days by half, the focused athletes represented their school well.  The dedicated spotted-ballers practiced from 3:45 to-5:00 P.M. daily, including Saturdays and Sundays, in order to fully balance their multitudinous obligations..

“As of right now the team is nervous,” said senior Nitsuj Zenuf, the second captain of the team, before the start of the match.  “We are prepared for this game.  We will all be going pro in the next few years, so this is getting a feel of the real game.”

The referees checked everyone and whistled, making the stadium erupt with the 60,000+ fans – the mere amplitude shocking the players. The game was evenly matched until the Cathedral Phantoms scored a penalty.  Nivek Adarap, Verb co-captain, was issued a yellow card for unsportsmanlike conduct.  The defender, most likely acting, rolled about the field for interminable minutes before rising on tentative legs to resume play as normal.

The capacity stadium crowd booed and cheered for the goal, but not even two minutes in the game, Cire Zerimer scored a header tying the game. No one expected it, and everyone was in shock.

The overly-physical Adarap made a brutal tackle sending the Phantoms back to the penalty spot, where they missed the last minute play. This tackle sent Adarap out of the game with a red card.

The game went into overtime, and in minute 117 Leinad Otirrod scored a scissor kick to close the game with the Eagles as CIF Champions.

“I had to do what the defense had to do in a key game, ” stated the rough and tumble Adarap. “As you can see my decision paid off, and now I’m MVP.”

All 11 Eagles players earned full ride scholarships to Clemson University, Duke University, and the University of California, Los Angeles.

The news echoed across all of the world as VDHS soccer was praised for its hard work and the worked-for, so-called “miracles” realized.

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“Clash of the Titans”: JEDIS to face ASB in dark disco event

By Eduardo Landa, Staff Writer

On April 1, at 6 P.M., both the JEDIS (Jesuit Educated Disciples In Service) and ASB (Associated Student Body) will face off in a “Glow in the Dark Disco” event that Verbum Dei High School is hosting in the darkened gymnasium. Organizers hope the spacious venue will allow participants adequate social distancing.

Students will be able to participate in unlighted basketball three point contests, glow in the dark balloon fights, and a total darkness basketball tournament. The entire gym will be covered in glow-in-the-dark paint, and there will glow-in-the-dark sticks given to everyone. However, JEDIS on one side of the gym will be given gold t-shirts, while ASB on the other side will have royal blue t-shirts.

“Since the gym will be completely dark save for the eerie luminesce of glow sticks, the shirt colors are really irrelevant, but the student participants will have a nice souvenir of the event,” said Lebiram Edardna, ASB moderator.

The purpose of this night is to provide engaging activities for students, to build school spirit, and to give the students some time to rehabilitate from the rigor of distance learning.

“I think the [Glow in the Dark Disco] event is a great way to escape the horrors of all our distance learning just for one night,” said junior Nodnarb Setnom. “Plus, I may have a chance to meet one of the legendary Lakers organization.”

“Being able to have a glow party and not get fined for it is the wave right now man,” said sophomore Nivek Sador. “I’m telling ya, all these snippy snappers do not know what a real party is anymore.”

“I am going to definitely win the three point contest,” said senior Susej Adartse. “I can’t wait to get on the floor and finally show my hidden ability to dunk. It’s just something I have been waiting to finally reveal to the world.”

Star Lakers’s point guard LeBron James is expected to make a special appearance and is known to have large impacts on schools all across the globe.

“I believe coming here to Verbum Dei and showing the fans nothing but love is a great opportunity,” said James. “This is a great event in which different communities with different backgrounds can just come to have a good time. Nonetheless, it’s a blessing to be able to show the Verb Eagles what it means to work as a team, but still have fun!”

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Student grazing to be encouraged through new lunch menu

By Massai Walker, Staff Writer

Upon students’ return to campus after a prolonged term of distance learning, the Verbum Dei High School lunch line will be shut down in favor of feeding students natural earth and grown resources. Sources tell The Present Dei Online News Source that the Cristo Rey Network had urged the 58-year-old school to update its menu offerings to meet new Federal Food and Drug Administration requirements.

Ffej Oninob-Hctirb, Director of Operations, led the charge to find a solution.

“We decided to start serving natural soil and grass starting with the students’ return,” said Oninob-Hctirb.  “Grass is really healthy; it’s high in nutrients and antioxidants; think about it, they don’t talk about ‘contented cows’ for no reason.”

“The minerals available in plain earth cannot be found in any one food,” said Oninob-Hctirb, who also organizes the annual blood drives.  “By eating soil, students will get right to the nutrients, including iron, that will make them regular blood donors for a lifetime.”

The word of the changes has slowly made its way to the students, who, in addition to the shock of distance learning, are in complete shock about their upcoming dietary changes.

A frequent lunch line patron, junior student Leahcim Htits is baffled by the decision

“ I can’t even put into words how stupid this new cafeteria change is. Grass! Dirt!  Really?  Just despicable,” said Htits.

“I think it’s a very bad decision,” said fellow junior Nadroj Smmis, “A lot of us look forward to eating the good food from the cafeteria, and now it has been ruined in favor of healthier options. Who wants to eat healthy? That’s just gross.”

It it certainly going to be an interesting adjustment to these not-so-subtle changes for the students who depend on the cafeteria for both breakfast and lunch.  In the name of variety with the limited bill of fare, perhaps the aforementioned junior students could consider grass-fed Mondays and Thursdays, and Full of Dirt Fridays; dining options are likely to offer more variety on the junior workday.

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Mysterious void in athletic field keeps fearful students away

By Daniel Garrido, Staff Writer

Since Verbum Dei High School opened its doors to the population of Watts,  a mysterious deep void has developed in the back of the athletic field.  Its existence is considered a myth by some, yet many current and former staff and students believe to be true.

The deep void is purportedly 10 inches wide – wide enough a person to fall in – and, allegedly, has swallowed multiple students over the nearly six decades of the institution’s existence.

It was believed to have been discovered by former student athlete George Josh.  The football player was collecting practice footballs to return to the ball bag. When he couldn’t find the last ball, he stumbled upon a small, almost seamless, endless pit.

The continuous usage of the athletic fields has led to the continuous loss of balls and other stray equipment to the seemingly expanding void.

“I was trying to find the last ball, and I stumbled upon a very deep hole that seems endless,” reportedly said Josh at the time of the discovery.  “I figured the last ball went in there, and I didn’t want go in the hole for it!”

As each school years go by, the void seems to grow longer by 0.5 inches, according to former staff and students.

Verbum Dei has taken drastic precautions to limit access to the endless void: one the VDHS grounds staff tried to fill up the hole with cement, but after using three full bags of cement, the hole never filled up.  The worker determined to put a cage around the expanse to prevent students from falling in. The area around this void was gated  for fear that another Verbum Dei student could fall in, but, apparently student curiosity being what it is, errant students have breached the fencing.

Owing to the legend, students tend to avoid the further side of the football field now and seem to prefer to stay clear of the gated area.

“Yeah, I’m afraid to even go near that area,” said senior Trebor Renrut. “I really don’t care if it’s supposedly a myth, but I don’t want give it a chance – if it’s real – just the thought of it being real leaves me feeling cold.”

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Eagles to totally abandon athletics in favor of academic focus

By Douglas Granados, Staff Writer

Sports at Verbum Dei High School traditionally have held a big appeal that students and faculty love and look forward to at the beginning of each school year.  Since student athletes miss classes and school work, the school has decided to take away sports, so student athletes can focus more on the student and not on the athlete.

“We came with this decision because we want our students to succeed,” said Dr. Idnarb Modo, Chief Academic Officer. “Sports can wait because their education is more important because we want them to go off to college and get a degree.”

With the sports being taken away, the school will allocate former athletics resources for classroom enhancements, such as sets of dictionaries, protractors, graphing calculators, and pencil sharpeners.

This year all the sports team worked hard to do great. For example, football had practice in the early mornings and in the afternoon, soccer always had practice after school, and the cross country team would always go to train off campus and then come back to school.

With all the practices the students had, they had to focus on practice while also trying to keep up with their school work and classes.

Some students would miss periods to go play their sports, and they would miss all the class work that was given that day.  With so many athletes missing class and class work, grades had dropped, and this has made some of the student athletes’ GPAs plummet.

“This is a great idea for the school,” exclaimed Htennek Llevaf, English teacher.  “It will help students concentrate, will help the students who need help because they will have time to go after school to get help from a teacher, and will allow me to give even more homework – Yes!”

With the decision to abandon all athletic programs, students will do better in class, their GPAs will go up, and they will all win admission into the top universities throughout the United States.

“I hate this decision that was made by Verb,” said senior Etneciv Setnavrec, “Even though I’m graduating this year, I feel that this decision will mess up the school and won’t attract more students.  This sucks.”

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SMA-inspired attire mandated for Verb gentlemen in 2020-2021

Staff Writer, Jacob Salgado

In the spirit of International Women’s Day, recently observed on March 8, Verbum Dei High School  implemented a new uniform that aims to promote gender equality. The new pieces of clothing include men’s kilts, heeled boots, and Saint Mary’s Academy-inspired ties.

“We have been working closely with SMA to make sure we fully encapsulate the ideal version of a female-inspired uniform” said Airam Dlanodcm, Dean of Academics.  “The uniforms look professional, and I know that the Verb community will love them.”

VDHS staff has put hours of work and tons of creativity in the new and improved uniform so that everyone can appreciate them.

“Inspired by SMA, we have assigned each class a colored tie,” said Dlanodcm. “Freshmen will be assigned a red tie, sophomores will receive gold, juniors will wear green, and seniors blue.”

“I like the new ties because it will be easier for everybody to identify what grade each student is in,” said junior “Ykcir” Arreis. “Whenever we go to visit SMA, it will be easier for us to converse with the girls who are in the same grade as us.”

Mirroring SMA’s skirts, the Verb community will be mandating kilts for all students who wish to continue attending.

“The colored ties as well as the kilts are two professional pieces of clothing that were inspired by our sister school,” said Dlanodcm. “The tartan kilts are stylish and are perfect for any occasion. They are comfortable enough to run around in as well as emulating the ideal ‘Verb-Gent’ look.”

Verbum Dei will also be doing away with dress shoes in order to better emulate the heels that some women wear on a day-to-day basis.

“The heeled boots are probably my favorite addition,” said junior Leafar Avodroc. “They will make me taller,and I’ll feel so much more confident. Even though I know that my feet will hurt by the end of the day, I will gain a new sense of respect for women who wear them everyday and never complain about the pain.”

The new pieces of apparel are set to become mandated uniforms at the start of the upcoming 2020-2021 school year.

“I want the entire school to be in agreement with the new uniform” said Dlanodcm. “I feel like implementing the uniform this year would be too soon. We want to give the students enough time to prepare for the change.”

Dlanodcm’s fears that students would not like the change in attire proved to be groundless as the dynamic shift has been communally accepted by the Verb underclassmen.

“I love the new uniform because it makes me feel like a true man for others” said freshman Werdna Ortsac. “I feel good knowing that I am making a stand for gender equality.”

“I’ve always wondered what it was to wear a skirt so I am glad that Verb has implemented them into our uniform” said an unidentified freshman. “It will save me from the hassle of having to iron my dress pants every morning.”

Beginning in August, any student who doesn’t arrive at school to the new stylish attire will be issued a Saturday detention and suspension until they report to school in the mandated uniform.

“I agree with this punishment because it shows the students how serious Verb is about this new attire,” said junior Nahtanoj Otos. “I hope that everyone comes to realize how important it is to stand in solidarity with our sisters. It is only then that we will become true Men For Others.”

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New normal: students teach and teachers learn to follow rules

By Alessandro Leon, Staff Writer

From the beginning of Verbum Dei High School, teachers and students have been in a strong relationship where the apprentices learn from the masters. The students have been  willing to learn and to accept everything that the teachers tell them.

Recently, certain events in the school have been detrimental to this time-honored relationship and have caused the students to feel resentment towards the teachers.

“It’s not fair!” said senior Solrac Neoled,  “The teachers feel like they have the power over us and they always want to flood us with work.”

“I think that it is time,” expressed Odracir Arreis, Verbum Dei junior, “that we show the teachers that we also have a life and that all the homework is not necessary!”

On March 11 of this year, the seniors and the juniors debated the faculty on Senior Square.  The resolution considered was that both parties, the students and teachers, should switch roles for the remainder of the school year.

“Do these seniors think that it is possible?” questioned Yllom Danlurf, Christian Service/College Guidance volunteer.

Amongst the debaters, there was Htebbek Llevaf, English teacher, who talked about the importance of the homework.

“There’s only one interview technique that matters,” argued Llevaf. “Do your homework so you can listen to the answers and react to them and ask follow-ups. Do your homework, prepare.”

Llevaf was really focusing on the idea of being prepared and that Verbum Dei is and was here to prepare the boys, so three days worth of homework, due in one day, fostered such preparation.

Representing the students, was Nhoj Lagirdam, Verbum Dei senior, and he pointed out something important.

“I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework,” said Lagirdam.

Somewhat off topic, the uniform policy was touched on by Odrareg Oremor, Verbum Dei junior.

“Doesn’t Verbum Dei do enough damage making all these boys think alike;now they have to make them look alike too?” questioned Oremor.

Mas Htargcm, theology teacher at Verbum Dei, argued against that.

“A suit is my work uniform, nothing more,” explained Htargcm. “It’s business, and also about professionalism and maturity, and to a lesser degree, image. I’m not going to wear a T-shirt and jeans into a business meeting with NASA, for example. I’m not hiding behind my clothes, but I’m not being inauthentic either.”

After a long, tiresome day of debating, Father Ttevirp, SJ, President of Verbum Dei, along with Airam Dlanodcam, Dean of Students and Academics at Verbum Dei, ruled in favor of the students.

“I think that the students have demonstrated a level of seniority greater than the teachers,” said Dlanodcam, “and they are right about saying that the amount of homework given, and the uniform that they are wearing demonstrates the injustice towards them by the teachers and faculty.”

Starting on March 16, 2020, the students of Verbum Dei High School, will be running the school, with Nitsuj Zenuf, as the new President of the school. Along with Zenuf, Serdna Sonivodlav will be the new Chief Academic Officer, and both will decide who will be taking all positions once owned by the faculty.

“The [faculty] will be receiving one powerpoint assignment per subject every week,” declared Zenuf, “and it will be due on Sundays at 11:59 p.m. This is just one of the new rules that me and Sonivodlav have come up with.”

The faculty will be the students at the school and Zenuf, along with Sonivodlav, have already decided that they will abide by the same rules that they once were subjected.

The fate of Verbum Dei High School, is in the hands of the students, where will it lead now?

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VDHS students navigate unsettled world using Ki/Chi life force

By Jose Lopez, Staff Writer

A student at Verbum Dei High School has discovered a way to bring Ki/Chi , one’s life force, out and manipulate it at will. This life force, if learned to be brought out, can enhance one’s physical capabilities and agility.

Verb senior Iajamat Reepmad, has often been seen at school meditating in Senior Square during lunch time.  An intelligent, cool, and collected individual, Reepmad stands out from many students attending the school.  While not a member of an athletic team, he is still seen working out after school.

Senior Nairda Zemogalliv,  former quarterback of the football team, was astonished by the physical capabilities and agility that he has seen Reepmad demonstrate.

“I asked Iajamat if he was down to have a day of practice with us, and he said, ‘Yeah’ – he out-maneuvered, he out-classed, and out-matched every player during practice in both strength and agility,” said Zemogalliv.  “I asked him if he wanted to try to learn to tackle, and he agreed; on his first try, I was down on the ground out of his shear strength and speed – I was so surprised that in a blink of an eye, I was down for the count.”

Siuqram Gnilwob, head coach of the football team, admitted “never in my life have I ever seen such raw power and agility in a high school student – I was mind-blown when I saw Nairda lose to a tackle, because no one had ever taken him down until that day.”

Reepmad’s serenity has been noticed by staff members, who have noted his mentoring a freshman student and advising him during and after school. The freshman’s behavior has become very similar to that of Neepmad, and according to the freshman and his teachers, he has become more strong-minded.

When asking the freshman what he and Reepmad have been doing out in the athletic field day after day, the student’s only response was “training.”

Students and staff school wide have witnessed these two students meditate out in the field, and they have also witnessed both students spar for hours at a time.

Their bond has become a symbol of life, and it seems that Reepmad is only taking one student under his wing to teach him all he knows of the power of Ki while leaving everyone else in the hopes of only imagining what it might truly be.

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VDHS Eagles meet Society of Jesus Fr. General at Loyola, 2/3

By Eduardo Landa, Staff Writer

On Monday, February 3, Arturo Marcelino Sosa Abascal, SJ, Superior General of the Society of Jesus, visited Loyola High School, 1901 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA.

Verbum Dei and Loyola, the only Jesuit high schools in Los Angeles, partnered to represent Jesuit education. Campus Ministry selected six seniors from each school to participate in a discussion with Sosa, who is also known as Father General.

Verbum Dei was represented by Jayden Brownlee, Jason Guardado, Justin Funez, Eduardo Landa, Tyon James, and Ty’Jon James.

Father General visited from Spain in order to get a sense of how Jesuit Education forms young men at Verbum Dei and Loyola. His focus was on the history of race relations in Los Angeles as it speaks to the experience of students at these high schools, but also all students affected by Jesuit Education.

Discussion topics included: brotherhood, academic challenges of being a high school student in the 21st century, how Jesuit schools shape the spirituality of young men, co-curriculars, the Work Study Program Verbum Dei offers, and how students learn to be involved in social justice.

“We are one of two high schools that are speaking to Fr. General directly on this trip,” said Eddie Vieyra, senior theology teacher/Campus Ministry Assistant/Musical Director. “It is an honor for Verbum Dei to be part of the conversation. I think it’s a privilege for our students to speak of their own experiences to him.”

Leading up to Father General’s visit, students from both schools shared their excitement.

“I think partnering with Verbum Dei brings diversity to the table,” said Loyola senior Diego Flores. “Students from both schools have lived different lives, yet are united through the same Jesuit values and morals.”

“Being able to vocalize my academic experience at a Jesuit High School is imperative, especially when relaying that to an individual like Fr. General,” said Verbum Dei senior, Tyon James. “All of what we vocalize has the power to [create] change for the better in hopes of providing a positive and fulfilling Jesuit education.”

“I feel honored to represent Loyola in this event,” said Loyola senior Oscar Garcia. “It is very exciting to showcase the values that Loyola has taught us to be men for and with others and to live out the Ignatian values of service through our actions and not just words.”

“I am excited to be a part of something great,” said Verbum Dei senior Jason Guardado. “I am a bit nervous, but with the preparation that we are receiving, it makes me feel like everything will go well. It also [validates] me because I have an important role in representing Verb.”

Staff from both Loyola and Verbum Dei witnessed the students present their unique and dynamic ideas.

“The biggest takeaway from the Father General visit was how wonderfully well-spoken and thoughtful the Verb students were,” said Molly Fruland, Campus Ministry/ College Guidance Assistant. “They were able to work with the Loyola students for the representation of Jesuit students and for the greater glory of God.”

“The absolute greatest joy of participating in this project was being a part of watching our two groups grow into one team,” said Jamal Adams, Director of Equity and Inclusion of Loyola High School. “Seeing the team interact and come up with the ideas, stay flexible when we would change something, and step up to whatever was needed, was the personification of ‘Men with and for others.’ The camaraderie that was established in the project will forever be a part of my heart and mind.”

Students gained new insight on how to exhibit their new knowledge, not only in their schools, but also in the real world.

“After presenting to [Father General], I felt immensely relieved and honored on how well the entire group of students executed their Jesuit educated experiences,” said Loyola senior Henry Knight.

“From this unique experience, I realized the impact that a Jesuit education can have on a group of young men,” said Verb senior Justin Funez. “[We came] together and represented what being men with and for others means, in our local and global communities.”

“Before meeting Father General I was extremely nervous,” said Loyola senior Jack Koenig. “I believed the ideas I had produced were inadequate. However, as I stepped up and began to speak, I felt as though my anxiousness disappeared allowing me to convey my experiences confidently and effectively. All around, Father General does not act excessive or intense, but rather more accepting and humble which adds to his friendly attitude.

“I enjoyed being a part of intellectual and like-minded individuals,” said senior Ty’Jon James. “Sharing my perspective from athletics and having the opportunity to talk to Father General will  be something I will always remember.”

“My favorite part of the day was being able to present in front of Father General with my Verb and Loyola brothers,” said Verb senior Jayden Brownlee. “We were able to feel [accomplished] because of our preparation and I admired the honor behind the presentation as well.”

“Meeting Father General was a truly blessed experience,” said Loyola senior Christian Zada. “I was lucky enough to be placed next to him during our lunch, so getting to talk to him, listen to his deep wisdom, and insight was a once in a lifetime experience.”

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Gifts of life: Second blood drive of year slated for February 12

By Daniel Garrido, Staff Writer 

 Verbum Dei High School will hold its second blood drive of the school year in conjunction with Cedars-Sinai Blood Services on February 12, from 8:00 A.M. until 2:30 P.M in the Eagle’s Nest.  Students 16 years of age and older are encouraged to give the “gift of life.”  The now three-times-yearly drives are coordinated by Jeff Bonino-Britsch, Vice President of Operations. 

To participate in the blood drive, one must be 16 years of age or older. Sixteen-year-old student must complete a permission slip signed by parent or legal guardian to donate blood.  Donors 17 years of age are no longer required to supply a permission slip.

Potential donors must select the time/period that they prefer to donate blood in. Yes! Sadly, donors will miss a class period, so they are encouraged to select from courses in which they are in good standing.

If one is going to donate blood, the procedure of the day begins like any normal school day.  Donors are called by a student helper with the blood drive and escorted to the Eagles Nest, where the mobile donation unit sets up its operations.

Donors will sign in and receive a questionnaire about their health status, health history, and recent travel.

After the donor’s answers are reviewed, his or her vital signs will be checked and his or her blood will be tested to determine if the donor’s iron level is an acceptable range.

At this point, donors actually offer their life-saving blood in a process that takes approximately 15 minutes.

“People who have not donated blood ask if it is painful,” said longtime blood donor and blood drive booster John Stradley.  “I tell them that it feels like a light pinch on the forearm, and I might even demonstrate such a pinch on myself,” said the VDHS English teacher.

After donating blood, donors are asked to stay seated in the Eagles Nest for 15 minutes and to enjoy provided snacks and beverages. Donors then return to class with post-donation instructions.

One notable instruction for athletes and the athletically-inclined is that no strenuous activity or heavy lifting is to be done for the remainder of the day.  Athletes may return to their normal activity on the following day.

The goal for the blood drive is to motivate multiple recipients to participate in the blood drive and to see the number of student participants increase each year, said Bonino-Britsch. 

“How do we motivate people to donate blood?” asked Bonino-Britsch as he consistently tries to achieve the goals set for each blood drive. From this question he derived a number of incentives: raffle prizes awarded to the students who participated in the blood drive and free dress for participants.  Cedars-Sinai Blood Services also provides each donor with either a complementary tee shirt or a coupon for a pint of Baskin-Robbins ice cream. 

Bonino-Britsch first awarded the raffle prizes last school year and found a rapid increase of participants willing to donate blood. 

Past raffle prizes have included coupons for a pint of ice cream, Verb caps, Verb pint glasses (“for juice,” said Bonino-Britsch), as well as two $25 gift cards, which serve as the grand prize.   Drawing for the raffle prize winners is generally done during Community on a subsequent Friday morning in the Eagles Nest.

Drawing winners for the first blood drive were juniors Kameron Banner, Geovanny Martinez, Elliot Lopez, Jonathan Ayala,  Jamaine Adams, and senior Jesus Estrada.  There were six chances of winning a prize, but the ultimate prize of donating is giving the gift of life. 

“It’s for good cause,” said senior Brian Cisneros. 

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